Our product range is wide

 Over the years we have grown our product range into a wide variety to satisfy our partners' needs, but still keeping the main focus on wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets

800x1200mm or 1000x1200 by standard

See the whole gallery here

Customized pallets

Built according to your needs and specifications. Contact us for more information.


Heat treated pallets and wood

We have our own heat chamber and own all the neccessary certificates.

chamber picture cert

EPAL pallets (EUR-pallets) and FIN pallets

We buy and sell new and used Euro-pallets and Fin pallets.


Wooden and plywood boxes and frames, pallet collars

We help out with all kinds of packaging systems

HT material

Different mesures of hardwood and softwood: 32x100, 50x100, 75x75, 75x100, 100x100, 100x150, 150x150

Plywood and buffle plate

Diferent mesures of plywood and buffle plates.


Diferent mesures of chipblocks 75x75x75, 75x75x85, 75x95x95, 78x95x95, 90x95x95


We sell our production leftovers as cheap firewood. Ask for more details!

Contact details


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